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On Peachtree, Turn Lanes, Road Diets & Medianettes — Oh My!

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While most plans are preliminary, it's possible that Peachtree Road from Midtown to the heart of Buckhead could look significantly different soon. A group called the Peachtree Road Task Force launched the first in a series of meetings Tuesday to outline safety enhancements on the famous thoroughfare. BuckheadView reports the meetings were sparsely attended — but the information and renderings were bountiful. Changes would come in four proposed segments, with work on Section 1 expected to begin next summer. That would involve lane restriping that would change Peachtree near the Buckhead Atlanta development to two thru lanes in each direction, widening sidewalks and adding bike lanes. (That "Hallelujah!" you heard is from anyone who's ever pedaled through that stretch). Other changes would involve center medianettes, turn lanes and "road dieting," which is another way of describing lane reduction in favor of center turn lanes and bike lanes.
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Buckhead Atlanta

Peachtree Road at Buckhead Avenue, Atlanta, GA