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This Mondo, FLW-Inspired Showplace Asks $899,000

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With more great lines than "Caddyshack," this newly listed Oakhurst home joins a growing stock of Prairie-style properties around Atlanta. The agent calls this "one of Oakhurst's finest properties," and that's reflected in the $899,000 asking price. In Atlanta, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architecture isn't exactly ubiquitous, so a home in this mode is still distinctive, though the sheer size of some properties has drawn "Prairie McMansion" criticisms. The argument goes that the scale and style is out-of-whack with existing neighborhoods; architects and others have disagreed, insisting Prairie-style homes are respectful of their surroundings and less jarring in scale than the mondo Craftsmans that have popped up around town for years. In any case, our subjective opinion is that the above property is exceptional, offering more than 3,500 square feet and a small forest's worth of custom woodwork. It has a 4,400-gallon rainwater retention system, but it could use a FLW-style pool around back, right?.
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