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Is This Eloquent Commenter Being Serious Or Not?

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Hats off to Curbed Atlanta commenters — you've been on fire lately. That means you're either passionate about another strong year in the city, or the recent crappy weather has sequestered you indoors. In any case, each comment is an honor and privilege, and especially the ones logged by an anonymous lover of PF Chang's on the post about downtown Atlanta's potential resurgence. We don't typically devote entire long posts to reader reactions, but there's nothing typical about these comments — they're perplexing and priceless, enraging and hilarious. We've waffled about whether this person is serious, or a witty but total phony. Have a gander at these two paragraphs and decide for yourself in what's possibly the most random, pointless poll we've ever conducted. May your votes determine the truth.

The commenter begins the diatribe like this:

"Let's face it, downtown (Atlanta) is never coming back. In order for that to happen, businesses would need to move down there. And that's not going to happen because employees simply prefer a different work environment than downtown can offer. Secluded office complexes on large wooded lots with easy auto access is really the best work environment you can get and what most everyone, especially young people, want these days. Imagine you're a professional in your mid-20's. You probably live in Marietta, Roswell, Johns Creek, or one of Atlanta's other popular neighborhoods. Do you really want to have to take MARTA to work and deal with all those odd characters everyday? Personally, I prefer my easy commute to my office near Cumberland Mall and the restaurant, shopping, and recreation opportunities it provides."

Later, in response to criticisms, this:

"I'm not sure what's so funny about my comment. Most everyone I know prefers the easy living you can get north of 285 to all the hassles and blight in Atlanta. Sure, maybe some of my more boneheaded liberal friends prefer to live in Woodstock or some of the more artistic, up-and-coming areas like Cumming. But even they "get it" that this is where young people are these days. For example, if I were going out with my friends on the weekend, why would I take a risk on some unknown locally owned restaurant that is probably terrible, when I know I can go to a national chain and get the quality food and atmosphere I want no matter which location I choose. For example, we can go to dinner at PF Chang's in East Cobb or Alpharetta and know we're getting the same high quality authentic Chinese food no matter which location we choose."

Poll results

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