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For $6.5M, Buckhead Manse Offers … Interesting Features

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Parts of this massive 16,000 square-foot Buckhead mansion are just swell. The main dining, living and sitting room areas are perfectly pleasant. Surely the tennis court, pool, waterfall, fountain and playground (none of which are pictured) are exquisite, true assets to the eight-bedroom, 10-bathroom behemoth off Randall Mill Road. Based on sheer size and amenities alone, even the price tag just shy of $6.5 million is fine. After all, there's a sauna and bathroom with more showerheads than a locker-room. Then there are … other things.

The main kitchen in this one comes complete with diner-ish lighted accents, and what is presumably a main hallway has one of those ceilings painted/lighted to look like a bright but cloudy sky. Another media room-type gathering place has a similar but worse ceiling (and a motorcycle parked inside?). As far as we can gather, these aren't the living quarters of an athlete, music mogul or titan of Atlanta industry. The listing boasts of $4 million in renovations to the home built in 1999. It's up to cyber-bullies and potential buyers to say if that was money well spent.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

· 3857 Randall Mill Road [Estately]