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Mixed-Use Complex Could Rise Near Edgewood Retail District

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A developer hopes to build a 275-unit apartment complex with retail across the street from the Edgewood Retail District. Curbed has learned that developer Greystar is seeking zoning changes to 20 individual parcels in Reynoldstown, just south of Little Five Points. Mostly along Moreland Avenue but wrapping around to front parts of Wade Street, Brantley Street and Seaboard Avenue, the project would run parallel to much of the aforementioned Edgewood Retail District (at least from Barnes & Noble to the Kroger parking lot). The mixed-use rezoning requests filed on behalf of Greystar mention plans for 275 residential units and 30,390 square feet of commercial space.

Though a few of the parcels — purchased as far back as 2011 — appear to be owned by shadowy LLCs, the vast majority of them seem to still be under the control of individuals. Most of the properties currently have homes on them as well. It's unclear how much land will be required for Greystar's plans. The company didn't return emails regarding the project, but records show a possible rezoning hearing on Jan. 2. It's all extremely preliminary, but an intriguing proposal nonetheless.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep