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Record Nominations For 'Neighborhood Of Year' Tourney!

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Thanks to the unbridled passion Atlantans have for their respective neighborhoods, the third-annual Curbed Cup will feature a field of 16 seeds for the first time, up from eight competitors in recent years. The Curbed Cup, Curbed Atlanta's annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, will showcase nabes from Grant Park to Collier Hills vying for our sacred fake trophy. Preliminary reader votes determined the slotting of seeds — and we received a record number. Unfortunately, some single-vote (and possibly sarcastic) nominees didn't make the cut. Those include Cobb County, Mechanicsville, Suwanee, the "Lenox Superblock!" and "Fox Chase subdivision in phase five of the Water Chase development in unincorporated Cobb near the Cherokee County line."

With neighborhood seeding set, voting for each one-on-one contest will be open for 24 hours. The first contest between reigning champion and #1 seed Old Fourth Ward and Glenwood Park should launch in mere hours. That contest will be followed today by Candler Park taking on Virginia-Highland.

To stoke your competitive spirit, here's a sampling of notes that accompanied neighborhood nominations:

"I have to nominate Westside/West Midtown — we are seeing a groundswell of redevelopment and are home to the best restaurants in town. Plus with Terminal West, and Northside Tavern we're starting to support a bit of a music scene as well."

"We love the Ashford Park subdivision of Brookhaven! It's perfectly located, is filled with terrific neighbors, and has great shopping and restaurants with the new Town Brookhaven and established Brookhaven Village nearby. The sudden building boom in the neighborhood should be evidence enough that Atlanta loves Ashford Park!"

"Inman Park is Atlanta's 'first suburb,' and is a fantastic place to live (and visit). As a 15-year homeowner in the heart of Inman Park, we love both the people and the place."

WESTVIEW: (lone nomination)
"I wanted throw my neighborhood in the mix for the Neighborhood of the Year tournament. Down here in SW Atlanta we don't get as much love as the eastside neighborhoods, but we have a lot of cool stuff happening too. My neighborhood, Westview, sits directly on the Beltline and has a small commercial district that is slowly coming to life. We have a brand new $10+ million LEED certified charter school building that opened next to our historic school building. The SW Beltline Connector Trail just opened this year, we already have the West End/Westview Trail and next year they will start construction on the Westside Beltline Trail. City Council also threw their support behind acquiring the land for Enota Park this year. Lots of things happening!"

2013 Curbed Cup field, Atlanta:

1. Old Fourth Ward (reigning champion)
2. Inman Park (2011 champion)
3. Midtown
4. Decatur

5. Ormewood Park
6. Brookhaven
7. Poncey-Highland
8. Candler Park

9. Virginia-Highland
10. Kirkwood
11. Westside
12. Grant Park

13. Cabbagetown
14. Grant Park
15. Collier Hills
16. Glenwood Park