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First Round: (5) Ormewood Park Vs. (12) Grant Park

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The Curbed Cup, our annual award for Atlanta's Neighborhood Of The Year, pits neighbors Ormewood Park and Grant Park in bloodthirsty battle today. This week we'll feature two match-ups per day, and the full tourney bracket will be reviewed on Friday. Voting for each pairing ends 24 hours after it begins. Now, get in the ring and try to eliminate someone!

Making its Curbed Cup debut this year, hilly and pretty Ormewood Park is hugged by more recognizable neighborhoods like Grant Park, East Atlanta and Glenwood Park, which contributes to its well-kept-secret status. It's home to a dizzying array of architectural styles that include Coastal Carolina, soft modern and cutting-edge contemporary. A new generation of urban dwellers has discovered Ormewood's charms, and it's been said that people who buy here stay more than five years, on average. Minuses: There isn't much commerce to speak of in the actual neighborhood, and a crime wave in the area earlier this year left many on edge, though fears seem to have calmed.

Straddling Interstate 20, Grant Park is a well-maintained example of Atlanta's historical, residential architecture — a tapestry of Victorian mansions, perky cottages and century-old bungalows. The centerpiece is the 131-acre namesake park, home to the zoo and the awesome oddity that is Cyclorama. What's more, Grant Park's sylvan streets are arranged in a fairly sensible grid, making them an anomaly in Atlanta. Like other neighborhoods in the tourney, Grant Park has seen its roster of boozing/eating destinations multiply in recent years, with the addition of popular hangs like Octane Coffee, Mezcalitos and beer-centric Augustine's. Detractions could include a dearth of retail in the area, public schools and the Bravos' impending exodus.

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