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Ground (Finally) Breaks On Modern North Ave. Townhomes

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Ground has finally broken on a cluster of modernistic townhomes long proposed for North Avenue. The Poncey-Highlands property pitched years ago for SkyHill townhomes — up the hill from the Masquerade, next door to that puppy daycare — was fenced off recently, and dirt is now officially moving. A spokesperson for Cablik Enterprises confirmed the 12-unit project is beginning, but said she didn't have any other info (i.e. a timeline or new renderings) to share just yet.

A sign on the property indicates prices will start in the $400,000s, but a few online listings put units more in the neighborhood of $550,000. Given the project's proximity to the Beltline, Ponce City Market, Historic Fourth Ward Park and plenty of other happening spots, it was a little puzzling that SkyHill took this long to get going. Now we'll see how long it takes to complete.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep
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[Images via Cablik Enterprises and T.E.'s cell phone]