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First Round: (2) Inman Park Vs. (15) Collier Hills

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Today's second contest pits two pretty neighborhoods — Inman Park and Collier Hills — in an ugly death match of vanity. Voting for each Curbed Cup pairing ends 24 hours after it begins. Let the eliminations commence!

Atlanta's first planned suburb has emerged from the depths of 1960s decrepitude to gain mention as one of America's loveliest neighborhoods. (Walk around IP today and try to imagine the pit bulls chained to burned-out cars that elders speak of). Chockfull of high-earning former hippies, it's a leafy showcase of jaw-dropping Victorians and smartly renovated bungalows, hugged by convenient arteries to downtown and the Beltline's Eastside Trail. Already home to some of ATL's best restaurants (both Rathbun complexes, Sotto Sotto, etc.) IP's food and bar buzz has only begun; a multitude of new options are coming with Krog Street Market and the 280 Elizabeth St. project, which is transforming Inman's commercial heart. Even more impressive: This neighborhood holds the sacred Curbed Cup 2011 fake trophy. Downside: The cost of standalone homes in the land of the black-and-yellow butterflies is rather astronomical.

Making its Curbed Cup debut this year, Collier Hills is an under-the-radar wonderland of tony homes, tucked-away parks and towering trees. Resting on the border between Buckhead and Midtown, this ground played host to a major battle of the Civil War when Confederate forces attacked Sherman's bunch, initiating the fabled Battle of Peachtree Creek. Arguably the most scenic stretch of completed Beltline trail snakes through Collier Hills and its lovely Tanyard Creek Park. Nearby, construction is under way on a mixed-use shopping district that's supposed to harken to the area's old mills. Accessing Collier Hills via Howell Mill Road can be a nightmare, and the 'hood could use a few more dining options like Verde.

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