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Historic Mansion Hits Market For First Time Ever

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Want to be the owner of an impeccably renovated mansion, built in 1914 for the heir of a big-time manufacturing company? Want the accompanying "secret garden," backyard carriage house and 5,145 square feet of space? Want it all for $730,000? Welp, you're gonna have to move OTP — to Coweta County. The so-called Cole-Nixon Home is a four-bedroom, five-bathroom antique that, according to the listing, "dominates a city block" in downtown Newnan. (If you're wondering, that's about 30 miles southwest of the airport). It boasts six fireplaces, a pie warmer and plenty of old-school hardwoods. (Be warned: Some of the other flooring teeters between retro chic and grandma barf). The manse is on the market for the first time ever — but is the novelty enough to draw you that far into the 'burbs?
· 88 E. Broad St. [Coldwell Banker]
— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep