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Atlanta Ranked America's Second Best City. Right On.

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The lighthearted real estate blog Movoto has declared our city nearly the best at something — being generally awesome — and that means we're runners-up again, a feeling familiar to any Atlanta sports fan. The off-kilter criteria took into account how nerdy, preppy and generally "exciting" we Atlantans are, plus 12 other categories. (The Movoto crew had already ranked Atlanta the funniest, nerdiest and most meat-lovingest city in the land). On the shakily scientific ranking, Atlanta is sandwiched between two urban darlings of the Great Northwest, Portland and Seattle. The Top 10 is strangely bereft of our country's three largest cities.

At one point this year, the novelty blogging gurus joked that Atlanta might win all of their contests. "Thankfully, the metro exhibited some Southern hospitality and let some other cities shine," they write, "at least some of the time." Nothing in their reasoning for naming Atlanta the second best city gives the impression they've actually been here, but here's their list:

1. Portland, OR?
2. Atlanta, GA?
3. Seattle, WA?
4. San Francisco, CA?
5. Washington, DC?
6. Raleigh, NC?
7. San Diego, CA?
7. Denver, CO?
9. Miami, FL?
10. Las Vegas, NV

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