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Round 2 Showdown: (3) Midtown Vs. (11) Westside

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At first blush, this contest could seem like a single competitor in the ring, punching himself in the face. But Westside has grown over the past few years into its own identity, as the cosmopolitan core of Midtown has matured into Atlanta's most walkable business district. Both are home to a long list of projected developments and possible improvements, in terms of infrastructure (Midtown bike lanes) and leisure (Atlanta Waterworks park). As a reminder: This week we'll feature four match-ups; the results and the full tourney bracket will be reviewed on Friday. The fake but sacred Curbed Cup trophy is at stake. Voting for each pairing ends 24 hours after it begins. Let the eliminations commence!

Crucial analysis: Back in 2011, Westside performed admirably in our inaugural tournament, reaching the finals (but ultimately losing) against Inman Park. That same 'hood knocked Midtown out of last year's tournament in the first round. So this matchup could be a chance for either Westside or Midtown to exact revenge on Inman Park in the next round, provided the latter advances.

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