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Should This 1970 Contemporary Meet The Wrecking Ball?

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Tucked on a rectangular, wooded lot in Sandy Springs we find this 1970 contemporary home whose days could be numbered. The listing agent sets forth three possibilities for the property, which is asking $545,000: "Update further, add on to it, or build your dream home." At this price point, the four-bedroom abode could use some enhancements, but it'd be a shame to see it scrapped. Its living room takes "floor to ceiling windows" to new heights, allowing squirrel-eye views. Elsewhere there's a true chef's kitchen, screened patio in the trees, a ground-level apartment and a walking trail to a quiet lake next door. The dining room's stone wall (which unfortunately runs the entire length of the house) and track-lighting smack as dated, but other aspects seem freshly updated. Could it be a sign that all is not lost here, or does this land scream McMansion?
· 5320 Mount Vernon Parkway [Coldwell Banker]