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In Buckhead, This $1.4M Oddity Brims With WTF Potential

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Maybe it's the dingy listing photos, but something about this mid-century Buckhead abode recalls the point in gangster movies when the criminal enterprise has fallen apart. Leaf-choked swimming pools and koi-fish ponds tend to give that impression. But this 1959 relic, tucked on a gated 3.5 acres near Interstate 75, is hardly dilapidated, as evidenced by the $1.4 million price tag. (The land itself can't be worth that much, right?) One cool tidbit: The 3,000 square-foot home is dotted with artifacts from the bygone Kimball House Hotel, including interior and exterior tiles and the pool's fountain. The listing agent hints that the home is ripe for demolishing, too, pointing out its zoning designation. Let's hope the Neptune statue and that marvelous skylight are spared.
· 1616 W. Wesley Road [Estately]