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'Food Plant' Ain't Happening At PCM

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(UPDATE: Ponce City Market spokesperson Breck Rochow has returned our inquiry and states that the Bioponica initiative will not be happening, at least not at PCM. A link on Bioponica's website outlining the project has been disabled. Nonetheless, it was an interesting concept and one that will hopefully gain traction elsewhere in Atlanta.)

An Atlanta-based company that develops new methods of sustainability has set its sights on opening a "food plant" at Ponce City Market. Bioponica creates "modular farming systems that demonstrate a new method of sustainability" with a goal of pursuing "the science of soilless gardening, namely aquaponics," according to the company's website. They're seeking investor capital, grants and low-interest loans to install their first "Integrated Food Plant" at the massive Old Fourth Ward adaptive reuse project. Judging by the renderings, the project would include large greenhouses with an airy restaurant atop the outbuilding currently occupied by Dancing Goats Coffee.

More specifically, the food plant would feature two greenhouse bays (each 36 by 85 feet), 4,500 gallons of fish tanks, a food prep kitchen and Ponics Café Salad and Juice Bar, according to the company's Facebook page. All water for the project would be collected as rooftop rainwater, and all organic nutrients would come from "plant-derived green grasses and food discards."

According to the Facebook post, Bioponica "is in discussions with the folks at Ponce City Market ... to locate the facility on the parking deck above the Dancing Goat Coffee Shop. Our goal is to demonstrate sustainability (profitability, environmental benefit and viability) of this innovative method of farming."

We've reached out to Ponce City Market officials for comment. In the meantime, a link on Bioponica's website with updated renderings and information has gone defunct since yesterday.

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[Renderings via Bioponica/FB]

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