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For $675K, Morningside Mid-Mod Begs For Updates

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From time to time, it's refreshing to see broker babble that really strains for a positive spin. (It's the antithesis of those lazy, acronym-heavy, autocorrect-ravaged house descriptions.) At this 1956 property in Morningside, the description shies from words like "outdated" or "antique" in favor of this: "Very Handsome Mid-Century Ranch Featuring Some of the Very BEST Details of the Day & Today." Anyhow, this 2,215 square-foot home could be spectacular, but between here and there are thousands in renovation costs that'll be tacked on to the $675,000 ask. The exterior lines are already great, and this place is nestled on a bluff that overlooks woods and a creek. Inside, it'll need to be opened up to suit modern appetites. The bulk of the home is on the terrace level, and no amount of spin can remedy a kitchen like the one down there.
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