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Downtown Parking Garage Heralded As 'Great Addition'

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Peering over the downtown Connector, a new 10-story parking garage has risen on the former site of the Georgia Department of Transportation headquarters. As exposed parking decks go, it doesn't look nearly as bad as most of downtown's hideous offerings, but the company behind the $22 million structure sounds over-the-moon with their work. "We are proud of our efforts in creating this great addition to the Capitol area," Barton Plunkett, a senior vice president for Manhattan Construction Co., said in a release. "This garage will serve the state well for years to come."

The garage opened last month, replete with two helipads. It's owned by the state of Georgia for the use of state employees. Of the 1,169 parking spaces, 236 are reserved for state legislators' Cadillacs and F-350s with lift kits.

If so much visible parking gets you down, remember that another parking complex in the area will be demolished soon. An aging parking deck east of the Capitol building will be swapped next year for Liberty Plaza — a prettier, safer place to hold rallies during legislative sessions. The plaza will accommodate up to 4,500 ravenous people. And it has the potential to significantly improve the area's aesthetics.

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