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In Heart Of Oakhurst, Landmark Building Asks $2.1M

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A landmark building in the heart of Oakhurst, designed by architect legends Neel Reid and Hal Hentz, has hit the market for $2.1 million. Before you envision slicing this rehabbed, 21,800 square-foot beauty into condos, know that it's fully leased with a mix of business, medical office, event and restaurant space. Still, for anyone who's fancied owning a former Scottish Rite Children's Hospital, this one's prime for the picking — for the first time since a life-saving renovation years ago.

An email widely distributed by Adams Realty describes the situation like this: "(The property) was raised from the dead in 2001. It was an abandoned eyesore for the Oakhurst community for about 20 years. The roof was falling in by the time a creative developer took on the project (Progressive Redevelopment Inc). … The exterior has been preserved in every way possible, down to the clay tiles on the roof. It has on-site parking and an elevator."

The listing agent goes on to extol the virtues of red-hot Oakhurst, where "vacant lots are selling like hot cakes at $250,000 for single-family construction (and) appropriately marketed houses go under contract in 30 to 45 days." No word yet on historic hospital comps in the area.

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[Photo: Adams Realty]