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This Mid-Century Specimen Is Too Damn Well-Preserved

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This mid-century modern ranch in Doraville has been impeccably preserved, which is part of the problem. Few modern buyers are lusting for excessive carpeting, Brady Bunch cabinetry and that ungodly pink plank in the bathroom. That being said, this 1964 relic is closer to being epic than most pre-renovation homes in this style. (If you're one of those purists who dig wildly dated kitchen cabinetry, this one's probably perfect.) The listing agent eases the pain by calling the countertops "coral" and noting that the mint-colored bathroom tile is in matching condition. The basement fireplace seems funky in the right kind of way, and that's one swell deck. Behind it all there's a forested backyard, like so many of these Atlanta homes seem to have. The ask is $240,000. Any guesses what it'd cost to bring this prospect to modern standards, if that's your thing?
· 3627 Northlake Drive []