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Billionaire MegaWhale: Life & Times of Arthur Blank

In the fall of 2011, media outlets jumped on the fact that Arthur Blank sold his Tuxedo Road mansion for a pitiful $3.9 million, after it had once been valued at $10 million.

Blank — the co-founder of Home Depot, owner of the Falcons and probably Atlanta's most important big-shot billionaire of the moment — is still doing alright, though, for many reasons. He sold that home to migrate into the West Paces Ferry Road mega-mansion he'd owned for several years: the one that's roughly 15,000 square feet and valued somewhere between $12 and $14 million, depending on whose estimate you consult.

Photos abound of the home Blank sold in 2011, but it's tough swimming to track down evidence of this whale's current digs. Aside from one alleged exterior photo and a bird's-eye-view space pic (which shows a tennis court, what appears to be a lake and a massive estate dwarfing what are presumably, in any other context, mega-mansions themselves), the current Blank estate's online presence is depressingly slim. Tax records list six bedrooms (and six fireplaces) across 15,222 square feet, but that's about all the juicy details to be found there. Forbes puts Blank's net worth at about $1.5 billion (as of last September). That means he could, if he wanted to, literally stroke a single big fat check and put this whole stadium nonsense to bed (with a measly $500 mill or so to spare). He and his foundation — which "promotes innovative solutions to improve the lives of youth and their families" — have given away an estimated $250 million or so to worthwhile causes over the years.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep