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$575K For Extraordinarily Sleek Berkley Heights Home

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This contemporary two-story home in Berkley Park — wedged between Howell Mill Road and Northside Drive, just south of Interstate 75 — could be the polarizing sort of property that some call "clean" and others "cold." It's so minimalist it looks damn near aerodynamic. It's the antithesis of cluttered, but is it barren? That's a matter of subjective taste. Built in 2007, the home offers four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a slick fireplace, a two-car garage, two "party" decks and skyline views for $575,000. There's enough open hardwood space for basketball practice. Natural light floods in. An added perk for families is the desirable school system (Sutton, North Atlanta, etc.). One thing's for sure: The previous owners did not break the bank on interior paint.
· 770 Holmes St. NW [Keller Williams]