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Next Chunk of Piedmont Park Expansion Launches

The so-called "Central Park of the South" is getting bigger again. The years-long, multi-phase expansion of Piedmont Park is roaring back to life, as bulldozers carve out part of an additional 53 acres for patron use near Ansley Mall, Midtown Patch reports. The Phase One expansion stalled a couple of years ago, but recent fundraising efforts have permitted the Piedmont Park Conservancy to resume construction. Chief among those efforts was a pretty darn noble challenge grant by the Kendeda Fund, which announced in 2012 it would match gifts to the park on a $1 for $1 basis, the website reports.

This new flurry of construction is in an area known as "North Piedmont Park" near Piedmont Road and Monroe Drive, where new pathways and walking bridges had been installed and then abandoned. Expect more asphalt soon for smoother walking and riding. Weather permitting, a ribbon-cutting is planned for June, where the park plans to open three new pedestrian entrances off Monroe and Piedmont. If you'll recall, 35 acres of the planned expansion were opened in April 2011. That chunk included an interactive fountain, expanded dog park and wetlands. Godspeed, Piedmont Park.

[Image via Piedmont Park Conservancy]

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