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Remarks on Beltline Patronage, Buckhead's Newest Hotel

Commentary has been so strong this week, it was impossible to pick a single quip/diatribe/remark. So here's two, both from anonymous wordsmiths:

BELTLINE CROWDS: "I'm a cyclist, but have to say the Beltline really isn't (and shouldn't be) the place to ride. It's a shared resource with walkers, runners, kids, dogs, etc., and clearly not the place to be pedaling hard on your bike. As awful as it sounds, the streets are really the best place to do serious cycling. Or at least the Silver Comet. I understand the frustration with the crowds, but it's the middle of the city — what do you expect?" — Guest # 11, Is the Beltline Too Crowded Already? Some Think So

BUCKHEAD HOTEL: "I suspect that Buckhead Theater is trying to court more weddings, Mitzvahs and corporate events over concerts with all those pierced hooligans. Upmarket hotel within walking distance? Check. Less expensive choice for cousin Eddie? Working on it." — Guest #4, Hotel Slated for Parking Lot Next to Buckhead Theatre