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Could Cheesecake Lease Portend More Buckhead Gambles?

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Last week's announcement that a powerful Buckhead property owner is booting the longstanding Cheesecake Factory on Peachtree Road to roll the dice in hopes a sexier client comes along raises an interesting question: How far will the area's reborn redevelopment spread? BuckheadView consulted with Buckhead leaders to ponder the possibilities. The developer in question, Peter Blum, scored what was considered a major coup by landing the now-shuttered ESPN Zone and the Cheesecake Factory during the Buckhead Village's raucous heyday. Could the next move be equally transformative?

The redevelopment on Peachtree Road's west side (facing the revived Buckhead Atlanta project) could potentially continue south. Next door, there's a Sun Trust Bank branch, followed by the former Three Dollar Café site that could be factually classified as an eyesore.

Plans call for a six-story Restoration Hardware to replace the ESPN Zone. Blum reportedly had other offers on the property over the years but elected to wait. "Blum is a smart businessman ?. a man with vision," Buckhead Coalition President Sam Massell told BuckheadView. "He owns a great deal of property."

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