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Decadent Manse Boasts Baseball Diamond, Helipad, Taste

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In the market for a baseball diamond in the backyard? A helicopter pad and Hartley-Botanic greenhouse on site? Consider those (unreasonable) needs met. Billed as "Atlanta's most spectacular 10.8-acre gated estate ever to come on the market with 1,000 feet of river frontage," this $9.7 million villa is a decadent beast. Contrary to its mega-expensive counterparts in the Buckhead area, this 2001 property incorporates a Mediterranean style and — dare we say — something resembling stylish restraint (banisters notwithstanding). Sure, there's terrazzo floors but no golden, gilded ceilings. The "cocoon-like" master suite has silk walls, but there's a rather modest five bedrooms total. The perks are so outlandish, the elevator seems like an afterthought. All this can be had for an estimated monthly payment of $36,000. If you know who calls this place home, drop a tip here. Thus far, tax records have been no help.
· 8200 Jett Ferry Road [Estately]