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$2.5M Could Enhance ATL Bicycling Experience

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Tonight, the Atlanta City Council is expected to decide whether or not to approve $2.5 million in funding for bicycle projects that could extend bike lanes from the Eastside Trail into Midtown, spruce up the Krog Street tunnel and inject downtown with safer cycling amenities, among other bike-centric projects. The cash would be part of a "quality of life" bond package, and it could be evidence that city leaders are catering to the needs of creative-class types who prefer to avoid four-wheel transportation when possible. The city takes heat for rarely capitalizing on its (generally) 10 months of bicyclist-friendly weather. But could the seeds of a bona fide cycling paradise be taking root?

As Creative Loafing notes, the $2.5 million in bond money would complement millions of dollars in planned fixes already budgeted for the next few years.

Per the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, here's a list of project highlights (below) that would be covered by $2.5 million, in addition to other improvements. Would these upgrades significantly enhance the Atlanta bicycling experience? Are they a good start, at least?

· Two-way cycle track on Peachtree Center Avenue between Edgewood and Peachtree Street, to allow cyclists to bypass the streetcar tracks coming to that section of Peachtree Street and better connect to east/west bicycle routes;

· A "road diet" adding bike lanes on Decatur Street, from Jesse Hill to Jackson, connecting GSU to the King Center MARTA station;

· 10th Street cycle track on bridge (over The Connector) to create a safer crossing;

· 10th Street cycle track from Piedmont to Monroe, connecting with the BeltLine Eastside Trail;

· Charles Allen/Parkway cycle track or bike lanes;

· Krog Street and tunnel: add sharrows and lighting, improve pavement in tunnel;

· Peachtree Street: install sharrows on most of Peachtree, bike lanes on wide section over the interstate, connecting with Peachtree Avenue cycle track to Edgewood;

· Two-way cycle track from Peters Street to Mitchell Street bridge, connecting Mitchell Street bike lanes with Castleberry Hill neighborhood;

· West Peachtree upgrade bike lane to standard width;

· 5th Street upgrade bike lane and improve pavement;

· McLendon add bike lanes from Arizona to Howard;

· Edgewood Avenue upgrade bike lanes and intersection improvements (e.g. bike boxes)

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