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Huge Back Deck Is $325K Oakhurst Home's Salvation

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From an explosion of burnt orange and a random sink, to strange kitchen cabinetry and that standalone laundry station, this 1939 Oakhurst cottage begs for enhancements, if not a full-blown makeover. But pity on the buyer who thinks the location — walking distance to the Oakhurst Village — is the property's lone attribute; there's a backyard deck here both spacious and versatile. No, the deck is relatively huge, equal parts outdoors and screened/canopied. It overlooks what appears to be a raggedy backyard, however. Back inside, the 1,600 square-foot home counts three bedrooms but just a single bathroom. There's potential for a stellar old home here, but the $325,000 ask could price out some buyers before the first hammer swings.
· 226 Maxwell St, Decatur [Zillow]