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Downtown Decatur's Apartment Train Keeps A-Rollin'

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The proposed $40 million mixed-use project by Atlanta developer Carter in downtown Decatur — one of three new apartment developments envisioned for the city — would include 10,000 square feet of retail on burgeoning West Ponce De Leon. As the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports, the current 125,000 square-foot office building on site would remain to anchor the mixed-use project. Like other high-end apartment plans near Decatur's core, the project stumbled during the Great Recession but has regained its footing as the economy rebounds.

Perplexingly, Decatur hasn't added new apartment units since the Ice House Lofts were delivered in 1999, though the city is respected as one of Georgia's most livable places, the newspaper notes.

Cousins Properties Inc. is considering a mixed-use project just north of Decatur High School at a property known as One Callaway Square. Down the street, near the city's old-school Dairy Queen, another mixed-used development called "Trinity Triangle" has been pitched. That project was green-lighted for development in 2007, but fell apart at the onset of the recession. Refreshed plans call for an altered design that would include the popular DQ.

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