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'Midtown Mile' Condo In Clouds Asks Just Shy of $1M

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Not quite the penthouse, but close, this sprawling three-bedroom condo at 1010 Midtown is asking $100 shy of $1 million. Perched on the 33rd floor, the views don't quit, thanks in part the building's unique curvature that mimics the famous thoroughfare it fronts. Three bedrooms and three baths are spread across these 2,400 square feet, highlighted with European-style cabinetry. Atlanta's glassy, new-age condo buildings take a lot of flak for being staid replicas of each other, but the critics are usually quiet when it comes to this one. The amenities level is stellar, with its "sky park" feature, cabanas and gorgeous skyline views from the sunny pool. This unit's been priced significantly higher, but we can't help wondering if $1 million might get a little more bang for the buck elsewhere.
· 1080 Peachtree St. NE #3415 [Zillow]