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Wrecking Ball Avoided For Midtown's Historic Craigie House

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Preservationists rejoice: Piedmont's most opulent eyesore has found the fearless, monied rescuers it's so badly needed! The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports the The Craigie House at 1204 Piedmont Ave. has sold for the fire sale price of $350,000 — to husband-wife buyers who plan to flip it into a single-family home. You know the building: It's the weathered brick travesty with four Corinthian columns sitting forlornly across from the Piedmont Driving Club. It was built in 1911 by the Daughters of the American Revolution, which still exists as a volunteer organization with membership restricted to those who can prove lineage to Revolutionary War patriots. And it's sat vacant and rotting for nearly 30 years.

[The rotting beauty at 1204 Piedmont Avenue. Credit:]

DAR controlled the property until a toppled magnolia tree caused significant damage in the 1980s. Not only did it cause structural troubles that still haunt the Craigie House, but the harm done to the gutters wasn't addressed and continues to exacerbate its moisture problems. The most recent misfortune was the sale of the structure from the DAR to now defunct Inman Park Properties — basically a real estate hoarding company that did zilch to maintain their holdings. While historic, the property did not have any historic protections, so razing was a real possibility.

The newspaper quotes one of the new owners, an Atlanta native and managing principal for a commercial real estate company, extolling the property's past and potential: "We've always loved that beautiful place ? We look forward to being responsible for bringing it back ... It was such a sad thing to drive by and see it continue to deteriorate."

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