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This Customizable Inman Park Dream Home = $1,249,000

Opportunities to customize a massive home in the heart of Inman Park are dwindling, and regardless of what's built, it's not going to be cheap. But as choice lots go, this one's about as primo as they come. This mildly gothic five-bedroom behemoth with porches galore (asking $1,249,000) is scheduled for a summer 2013 completion. Overlooking Freedom Park on quiet, sloping Carmel Avenue, and only about a block from the Beltline, the 3,307 square-foot home boasts a cool parkside terrace, a screened porch that juts from its ribs, a full basement and two-car garage. The top-floor skyline views don't exactly muddle the appeal, either.
· 990 Carmel Ave. NE [Zillow]