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(Possible) Newest Falcon's Lakeside Sandy Springs Crib

Atlanta's (presumed) newest Falcon already has a nearby nest. Osi Umenyiora — a British-born defensive end of Nigerian descent, if you were wondering — is believed to be close to inking a deal with the Atlanta Falcons, making him the team's latest big-time acquisition. That said, he's no newcomer to the ATL. Fulton County tax records show Umenyiora (pronounced "you-men-your-uh," to be unscientific about it) has owned a lakeside crib in Sandy Springs' swanky Cherokee Town and Country Club for a number of years. Those records show the 255-pound quarterback-killer copped the mansion for a cool $2 million clams in 2005.

Built in 1987, Umenyiora's Atlanta home (he also owns a place in New Jersey, apparently, near the home of his former New York Giants) is 8,577 square feet and boasts five bedrooms and eight full baths. The last purchase being in 2005 (only eight years ago, but pre-dating the super-duper-mega-digital era), interior shots of the home are tough to come by. But we do know that it appears to be a mixture of white wood and possibly stacked stone, with dramatically sloping gray roofs and a regal circular driveway. We also know that, rather than doling out the hits, Osi's taking one this time — the manse is currently assessed at "only" $1.2 million.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep