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Aged But Regal Midtown Beauty Asks $950,000

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While she's a million times too fanciful for our tastes, hats off to a historic intown property that's kept up with obvious tact and love like this. This regal dame of Myrtle Street, asking $950,000, was built the year Mark Twain died (1910). At nearly 4,000 square feet, the home boasts four bedrooms and four baths, original windows and trimwork and a gaping front porch that begs for a clichéd Hollywood portrayal of the South. Also included: Two one-bedroom apartments which, we're told, have the potential for $2,000 in monthly income. Can't help but wonder what measly price this home may have sold for in, say, 1992.
· 893 Myrtle St. [Estately]