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Former 'Town Briarcliff' Site Gets ... A Mattress Firm

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It appears the lone empty corner of the Briarcliff-North Druid Hills intersection, once destined for majesty and prestige, will be home to just another strip mall. Circa 2007, the site (now technically behind a Walgreen's) was destined for a massive mixed-use development officially called Town Briarcliff and dubbed by doubters Atlantic Station II. For better or worse, developer Sembler was going to buy the land, raze a couple of abandoned schools across the street and throw up 1.5 million square feet of retail and residential floor space. With those plans long deserted, Tomorrow's News Today reported this week the site's exciting new future — namely, two restaurants, a nail salon, a Sprint store and the city's 243rd Mattress Firm location.

According to reports, the newly christened The Village at Druid Hills has landed a pair of "casual eating" spots in Zoës Kitchen (umlaut intended) and Newk's Express Cafe (accent over final "e" ignored). Curbed's efforts at contacting new Marietta-based developer Columbia Properties were majorly unfruitful, but the lot's ever-informative sign says the development is slated to open sometime this fall. It also says retail space is available. After ditching the Briarcliff idea, the aforementioned Sembler went to work on another live-work-play project that ended up panning out: Town Brookhaven.

What say you? Will a more modest project be better for this area, in the long run?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

· The Village at Druid Hills Lands Two Casual Eateries[Tomorrow's News Today]