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$219K for 'Urban Cottage' Near East Atlanta Village

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That time-tested axiom of real estate near nightlife districts — "stumbling distance, stumbling distance, stumbling distance" — applies to this quant three-bedroom home a few blocks from the East Atlanta Village. Touted by the broker as an "urban cottage," the 1989 property lacks pure roominess with its 1,148 square feet, but the space it has appears to have been creatively partitioned. The hardwoods gleam, there's been granite-countertop upgrading, and some stylish finishes in the home's two bathrooms. The front porch is deceptively roomy, and that backyard begs for a Memorial Day bash. It's nestled among much pricier homes, which could be indicative of the location's appeal.
· 1474 Marbut Ave SE [Zillow]