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Midtown's Proposed Student Housing Looks Rather Lavish

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Georgia Tech's on-campus student housing could get a dose of competition in the form of a proposed 17-story, students-only development on Spring Street, envisioned to offer amenities that would rival Midtown condo developments. The Technique reports the project, proposed last month by private developer Ambling University Development Group, would include a clubroom, 24-hour fitness center, retail space on the ground floor and a "relaxing" outdoor pool. The project, according to Ambling, "will be set apart by its amenities." Each unit would have an equal number of private bathrooms to correspond with bedrooms. In total, the tower could be home to 700 students. But student housing honchos at Tech feel those ambitions could be a tad grandiose.

A Department of Housing official told the newspaper the private development has overestimated the need for off-campus housing, asserting that only 300 to 400 students could be served by another private residence hall. Currently, there are three such halls in the vicinity of Tech — WestMar Student Lofts, The Flats in Atlantic Station and 100 Midtown Apartments, according to The Technique — with no plans by the school to build more. Old halls could be renovated if the market demands. According to Ambling's data, Tech has averaged a 3 percent student population growth over the last 10 years.

If Ambling sounds familiar, it's likely because the company also built the massive GSU dorm complex downtown and is working on another GSU tower called One12Courtland Street. They've built some 59 student-housing projects around the country.

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