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First Look: The Somerset, In-Progress Beltline Apartments

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Behold, your very first (illustrated) view of an under-construction Beltline apartment complex called the Somerset. The above rendering, snagged recently by Curbed Atlanta, gives a pretty good idea of what the Perennial Properties project will look like once completed. Perched in Poncey-Highland at the corner of North Avenue and Somerset Terrace (just up the hill from The Masquerade), the four-story, 227-unit development is slated to have about 600 feet of frontage on the Beltline. The design incorporates clean, modern lines and patios aplenty.

Construction started on the apartments in January, and is expected to be completed by February 2014. Pre-leasing is expected to begin late this fall. Perennial development manager Jay McGinnity recently promised Curbed that there would be views that "are just going to be incredible." The project is one of several in-progress, from-scratch apartment developments in the general area, including two within sight at Historic Fourth Ward Park.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep