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What $4,500 Rents You In Midtown, Atlanta

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Is it a sign that rental rates are getting out of control when a two-bedroom condo in Midtown — a nice one, sure, but less than 1,200 square feet — is asking $4,500 per month in rent? We're no mathematicians, but that rate appears to be nipping at the neighborhood of $4/square foot. Is Midtown undergoing a rental-rate Manhattanization? Anyhow, for $4,500 per month, the renter of this 14th floor unit will enjoy stellar views of neighboring sky-rises, 10-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, a top-shelf amenities level with pool parties, a generally walkable location and perpetual concierge services. Alternately, a buyer could (almost) head up to the (almost) penthouse and snag this unit for a hair shy of $1 million.
· 1080 Peachtree St. NE Unit 1412 [Zillow]