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Mystery 'Prominent Atlanta Family' Offers Gaudy Mega-Mansion

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Ever wanted a really big, really gaudy house? Would a treehouse that probably dwarfs most intown apartments interest you? Does the fact that an anonymous person of alleged prominence owns the house intrigue you? Do you have several million dollars? Congratulations! You're moving to Cumming! This $5.5 million mega-mansion is so freaking big the listing doesn't even include square footage. Built in 2001 and containing more fireplaces (9) than bedrooms (6), it's situated on a bucolic, 18-acre lot (with frolicking deer!). With more walnut paneling than should be legal, the home's decadence may be about as well received as its spelling — according to the listing, this manse is "owned by a decendent of a prominent Atlanta family." Oh, and that treehouse: There's no square footage offered on that one, either, but it's one helluva chill spot.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

· 5490 Franklin Goldmine Road, Cumming [Estately]