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The Unfortunate, Foreclosed Life Of A Swank Penthouse

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This beautiful, spacious penthouse atop Midtown's Aqua building embodies the severe burst that ravaged Atlanta's Recession-era condo market. The unit's 3,500+ square feet with glorious north/south/east views, airy floor plan, colorful palette and even the giant decorative tusks were not enough to entice a buyer, and the home was foreclosed in October. In 2007, this penthouse sold for nearly $1.7 million. It was yanked off the market last month at $572,900, when the unit either sold or a contract fell apart (the price history language isn't crystal clear). Regardless, the nearly two-thirds price drop illustrates how drastically things have changed since the condo boom-times of six years ago. And how more than location, timing can be everything. For buyers willing to finagle with foreclosure headaches, this could be/could have been one helluva deal.
· 20 10th St. NW UNIT 2401 [Zillow]