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Yes, This Is A House. It Is Polarizing. It Has Dragonflies.

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This modern compound in Virginia-Highland, designed by Jova Daniels Busby (resume: the Carter Center, Atlanta Civic Center), reminds us of that Swedish exchange student in high school: From a distance, it's intriguing, if not striking, but upon closer examination ? something's a little off, a little weird, and although it means well, it probably belongs some other place. Even the positives could be polarizing. First, the facts: Built in 2007, it's humongous (7,645 square feet) and modernized to the nines, with a high-tech security camera system, motorized shades and fancy water-purification capabilities. In the winter, the Atlanta skyline glows through trees that gird the lush, private property. Then it gets weird. The oddities here are numerable, including the dragonfly wallpaper, glass stairs, a laundry/office combo room, circa-1999 televisions, backsplashes that match the countertops (hey — durability!), and a backyard that blends the aesthetics of South Beach with a plastics factory. The WTF factor is high here. The ask is $3.5 million. · 742 Courtenay Court [Estately]