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Behold: An Interactive, 3D Glimpse At Ponce City Market!

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The folks bringing the former City Hall East building back to life as Ponce City Market have offered the most comprehensive look at the mega-project to date in the form of an interactive 3D website — like Avatar meets urban adaptive reuse. (See link after jump). Take a minute to download the web player, and then guide yourself around the entire three-dimensional building. Don't neglect to double-click the orange spheres — i.e., "hot spots" — to launch fly-through videos replete with robotic PCM patrons and office workers. For the curious public, it brings the project to life — from the submerged parking garages to sleek, top-floor office spaces — like nothing else before.

The 2.1-million square-foot mega-complex is being developed by Jamestown Properties, who seems confident the project will open in about a year. Jamestown bought the former City Hall East — originally a Sears complex — for $27 million in July 2011. You heard it here first that they've nixed original plans to include for-own condos, but the ginormous complex is still slated to include "extraordinarily high-quality rental units," retail space, office space and restaurants, all situated next to the Beltline's Eastside Trail.

Here's a link to the interactive website. Please share your thoughts in the comments. Our main takeaway: the North Avenue entrance sure looks grand.

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Ponce City Market

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