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Big Beltline Apartment Project Has New Name, No Retail

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One in-the-works development along the Beltline, slowed in recent months by rain, has a new name, but it won't have any retail space. The project formerly known as The Somerset — a four-story, 227-unit development right at North Avenue and Somerset Terrace, up the hill from The Masquerade — is now known as 755 North, Perennial Properties development manager Jay McGinnity told Curbed Atlanta. The original banner was a working title all along, McGinnity said, and the marketing department thought 755 North "gave better location recognition." McGinnity also clarified that the development won't have any retail or restaurant space; they want to "complement," rather than "compete" with nearby (and also under-construction) Ponce City Market.

755 North still has an anticipated completion date of next February, and though construction has lulled in the last month or so — "rainy season not the best time to be doing site work" — it will likely commence shortly, said McGinnity. It's not the first brief delay for the project, which was stalled back in January following a paperwork snafu with the city. The newly christened development, just one of several apartment projects in general area, will feature about 600 feet of Beltline frontage.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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