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This Midtown Dame Asks $899K, Has Six Fireplaces

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Over on Glenwood Avenue, a stone's throw from Piedmont Park, sits this 1920 grand dame that typifies the quintessential large Atlanta home. Sturdy, bold and chunky, yet graceful. The ask is $899,000, which includes four bathrooms, three bathrooms, six damn fireplaces and at least two clawfoot tubs. The restoration looks beautiful overall, with heart pine floors gleaming. On the downside, there's a checkerboard kitchen floor, wood-paneled refrigerator and gold appliances to match the gold-trimmed showers. Could be expensive fixes when a buyer's forking over so much on the front end, but this place has personality to spare. An observation apropos of nothing: It's interesting how many listings are stressing walkability to the Beltline these days. · 501 Greenwood Avenue NE [Estately]