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A Postmodern Time Capsule Near Chastain Park?

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Attention all lovers of 1980s Postmodern residential architecture! Anybody? Surely there has to be someone who'll see the potential in this Chastain Park listing (a veritable steal at $599,000), it just might take gutting to uncover. The place doesn't present too many offending views from the street, but boy does the interior take a dip into bad design of yesteryear. Other than a fridge and a stainless steel refrigerator, not much has changed here in over two decades; even the stools pulled up to kitchen counters seem frozen in time. What exactly are the cabinets covered with — a shiny laminate? Some kind of family/great room features very retro built-ins, accented with pops of purple and greenish glass shelving. What ultimately takes the cheesecake, though, is the master suite ... a space that encloses a repulsive mountain of cabinetry, complete with stairs to a loft of dubious purpose. Truly, eighties decadence at its finest. [By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright]
· 4810 Lafayette Ct NW [Trulia]