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10 Resources for Apartment Hunting That Aren't Craigslist?

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Using Craigslist to search for an apartment in Atlanta is terrific — until it's not. Although the old Craigster has emerged as the go-to for DIY deals on just about everything (and we do mean everything), it's hardly the only option out there. So if you're tired of pulling Smyrna listings when you type in Midtown — only 15 minutes away! — it's time to broaden your search. Here are 10 other tools to get you started ... now onward, hopeful renter!

Promove is a popular service that basically takes the legwork out of your apartment hunt. You might have seen one of their little storefronts around town; this is where you sit down with an agent and discuss your wants and needs. After that, they tailor a list of possible rentals for you to investigate. The best part: The service is free. That's because as long as you mention them on your rental application, they get a kickback for their services.

Real estate agents:
They're not only in the business of property for sale. Especially if you're looking for a rental house or condo, real estate agents can be a great resource for honing in on properties that aren't on everyone else's radar. But just like buying a home, be prepared to pay a commission once you find the perfect pad.

Boots on the ground:
Especially if you've narrowed down the locale, nothing beats weekend walks/drives hunting for rental signs. It'll educate you on the nooks and crannies of the neighborhood, and give you the chance to find some unique homes that aren't necessarily advertised online. No relation to "Pants On The Ground."

Community boards:
Any good coffeeshop worth its weight in latte has a pinboard with advertisements for rentals in the area. Just be cognizant of the fact that you might be looking at outdated information, depending on the refresh schedule.

Local rags:
Sure it's old school, but it still works. Creative Loafing, AJC, and just about any other local publication still has rental listings buried in the mix. But beware, GenYers: We hear the ink stains fingertips (gasp).

You knew you had 2,438 "friends" for some reason, right? Throw it out there: Someone might be renting a place out, or looking for a roommate. Also don't forget to hit up the FB Marketplace, because you know, it exists.
This is the online version of those hefty apartment books you see in the grocery store and in mini-newsstands. You won't find the most unique apartments here, as it specializes in the kind of rental properties managed by mega companies. But, it's easy to use and straight to the point, something a lot of people are looking for when it comes to a property search.
Zillow is a fantastic resources for rental listings, especially if you're in the market for higher-end housing. The handy filter works great at weeding out unnecessary browsing.
This site isn't much to look at — it's basically a Google Map with a toolbox — but it does something very helpful: It aggregates the listings from Craigslist,,, and a whole lot of other dot coms into one nifty search engine.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright