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Painfully Dated 'California Contemporary' Asks, Um, $549K

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There's potential somewhere in this 1965 contemporary near Pill Hill, but it'll take peeling back some seriously faded brown layers to find it. Things are pretty creepy from the street — what with the unkempt greenery and general feeling of foreboding — and they don't get better once inside. We're not sure if the painted flagstone fountain at the entrance was meant to look that shabby or if it's just gotten that way over the years. Either way, there's something you don't see everyday. And good call on at least partially covering up the wood walls that predominate throughout; the place must have been downright cave-like before. The kitchen features a similar look to the aforementioned fountain (enough said), and the master bathroom is a symphony in grey formica and cheap faux paneling, so it's a little puzzling as to exactly when the "gorgeous" mentioned in the listing is supposed to show up. The real question is whether the buyer's going to show up with a bulldozer or a crow bar.
— By Curbed contributor Jonathan Carnright
· 975 W. Kingston Drive [Clickscape]