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Beneath This Unreal Rooftop Pool Is A Master Bedroom, Bath

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This award-winning Bauhaus Modernist home at the edge of Piedmont Park includes one of the most unique — and downright wildest — home features to cross the Curbed Atlanta radar in ages. See, the master bedroom and bath have ceilings that are partially the glass bottom of the rooftop pool, which lend the indoor spaces an aquatic hue and titillating perspective on pool parties. Kidding aside, this $1.95 million property, listed last week, is so intriguing we had to quiz the owner, Scott Kaye, for more details. Suffice it to say: This is a versatile, eco-conscious Shangri-La. Back in 2003, this property was an ill-kept and forgotten 1920s bungalow. But, and this is key: It's one of only seven Atlanta homes backing up to Piedmont Park, Kaye said. So after years of house-hunting, he saw the potential and snapped up the property within hours — for $345,000.

Over the next five years, the home would be overhauled from roof to terrace. "Common materials were used in uncommon ways for eco and budget-friendly, amazing results," Kaye said in an email. "The house seamlessly blends traditional and modernist architecture for a one-of-a-kind home with 180-degree views of the park and skyline." The grounds — based on the "principles of Versailles" and featuring 100 percent water reclamation — have since won several landscaping awards. If the entire property looks familiar, you may have seen it featured on HGTV's "Groundbreakers."

At 4,800 square feet, it's no shack, with six bedrooms, a multi-story foyer, two-car garage and "floating" concrete walkway that crosses the koi pond. By way of custom doors on pivoting steel spines, interaction between common areas and the formal library can be customized — that is, opened or fully closed off for privacy. Ditto for exterior walls that retract to open the great room and master bedroom on three sides, unveiling those sweet, sweet views of Atlanta's greatest park.

· 543 Elmwood Drive NE [Zillow]