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Gaudy, WWII Era Buckhead Mansion Asks Just Shy of $3M

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This WWII era Buckhead mansion is listed as a "European stunner" . Well, that's one way to put it. Stunning isn't necessarily positive, per our tastes. With just over 9,000 square feet squeezed onto 1.3 acres off West Paces Ferry Road, the unique architecture (not to mention the bright green shutters and doors) are certainly eye-catching. The "many unique chandeliers," antique accents and hardwood floors will also stun, but how so depends on your objective taste. Sometimes cramped, and almost always gaudily decorated in the finest furniture to match its 1940 birthdate, this manse will run you $2.995 million.

According to the listing, this crib is nestled behind a brick wall with a gated entrance, exactly a mile from the direct heart of Buckhead. The property near the corner of West Paces and Habersham Road, not far from the Governor's Mansion, includes a garden room overlooking, well, gardens and an old-school, hedge-lined pool, as well as a two-bedroom carriage house. It also has Sherle Wagner sinks, which, apparently, is a very expensive kind of sink. The audacious paint scheme, and that's putting it lightly, is stunning as stunning gets.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

· 274 W. Paces Ferry Road [Estately]