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And in this corner ... Big Peach vs. the Big Apple

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Not only has Atlanta been called "New York of the South" more times than we care to mention, she nows get to wear big city drag on a regular as movie filming has exploded around town. The latest production to paint our town Big Apple-red is "Anchorman 2." Anyone who's been downtown lately would have been hard pressed to ignore the yellow taxis and signs reading "Madison Avenue." Although Atlanta can be a darn good stand-in visually for NYC (from certain angles, at least), just how do we stack up against the Capital of the World when it comes to real estate and demographics? A side-by-side comparison is in order.


Atlanta vs. New York City

Median List Price: $189,900 ... $499,000

Median Sale Price: $205,300 ... $535,900

Median Sale Price/Sq Ft: $153 ... $444

% Owners: 43.7% ... 30.2%

% Renters: 56.3% ... 69.8%

Median Home Size (sq ft): 1359 ... 1800 (strange, yes)

Average Year Built: 1959 ... 1934

City 2012 est. population: 432,427 ... 8,336,697

Metro 2012 est. population: 5,457,831 (9th in U.S.) ... 18,897,109 (1st)

Pop. density: 3,188/ sq mi ... 27,550/ sq mi

Tallest building: BOA Plaza - 1,040 ft ... 1 WTC - 1,776 ft

Median rent list price: $1,100 ... $2,730

Highest Priced 2012 Sale: $5.85M (3410 Ridgewood) ... $88M (penthouse @ 15 Central Park West)

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright

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